New Tile Can Create a Delightful Ambience in Any Room

When you are designing or redesigning a room in a residential or business setting – new tile can help to set the mood and create the ambience you are looking for.  Whether you want a traditional, trendy, contemporary or completely unique look – your vision will come to life with new tile. There are many options to choose from, but with a little focus and inspiration, you can find the perfect tile for your design project.

New Tile Can Create a Delightful Ambience in Any RoomAn interior designer at Architectural Digest adds “When planning a renovation, tile is a major consideration. Choosing among the hundreds of colors, shapes, and sizes can be intimidating – and it may be difficult to make a decision. But the end result is worth the search, giving walls, floors and rooms personality through texture, color, and pattern. Anywhere you apply this decorative material, a mood can be created.”

New tile can brighten up a room, add dimension and color to a neutral space, refresh an old space or make a grand statement. Whatever space you want to change or enhance with tile, following are some of the latest tile trends and ideas to inspire you:

Patterned Tiles

Tile does not have to blend into the background anymore. Tiles are designed with color and patterns that reflect true artisanship and craftsmanship. Mosaic tiles are appearing everywhere as pieces of artwork that become a focal point in any room.


Colorful Tiles

While colorful tile is nothing new – tiles are available now in so many different colors and shades. From the brightest blues and vivid greens to espresso earth tones that add dimension and depth to any space.


Vertical TilesLong and Narrow Subway Tiles

Classic subway tiles have remerged in recent years as many designers’ top choice in kitchens and bathrooms. In addition to the classic subway tile, this year, long and narrow tile will appear in bathrooms and kitchens as a sleek alternative.


Vertical Tiles

Move beyond the horizontal subway tile and look up! Utilizing tile vertically can create a unique look anywhere. Vertical tile can be staggered for an unexpected, modern aesthetic that can visually expand a room.


Honeycomb Tiles

Embrace the hexagon! The shapes of these tiles create an exciting look anywhere.  Honeycomb tiles appear on floors, walls and many different surfaces to create a unique design.



Fish Scale Tiles

Fish scale tiles are a great alternative to square tiles that can create an outdated boxy look. These tiles can add an element of dimension and offer a softer look than their square counterparts.


Tiles are available in many different beautiful and strong materials including marble, porcelain, ceramic, glass, cement and more.  Finishes range from high gloss, to matte to a rough tumbled edge. There are so many options in products, materials and design ideas when you use tile.


If you are redecorating and you are shopping for new tile for your home or business, contact the experts at The Tile Spark. They have a vast inventory of all types of beautiful, high quality tile and they have a staff of tile experts who can help you find the best tile for any room in your home. Stop into their showroom or give them a call today at 646-336-9792.

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