New Tile Can Transform Your Home from Drab to Dynamic!

Spring is just around the corner.  With the onset of the spring season (and tax refunds) many homeowners decide to spruce up their homes with new décor. Whether you decide to completely remodel a room or just add some new accents, tile is a great way to enhance and transform any space.

New Tile Can Transform Your Home from Drab to Dynamic!Tile can brighten a dark space and add color to a bland or neutral area. Tile can be used throughout the home (inside and outside) to create a brand new look or to enhance an existing style. An article on supports the versatility of tile, “From luxe materials to new takes on old favorites, this year’s tile trends are a reflection of the growing demand for personalized design throughout the home, even in utility spaces. So whether you’re planning a bathroom overhaul or simply dreaming about your someday sanctuary, you can certainly grab some inspiration from the stunning and artistic collections of tiles that are available today.”

Mosaic or patterned tiles can transform any area of the home. Whether you decide to cover a large space or update a backsplash in your kitchen or bathroom, mosaic tiles are an excellent way to add life and color to a drab interior. There are many decorative options in size, shape and color, so you are sure to find something that suits or upgrades your décor.

The look of clean, white subway tile is timeless and adds a bright, clean look in a bathroom or a kitchen. Offset the white tiles with a colorful mosaic design that doubles as a beautiful piece of art work.  These days subway tiles are also showing up in many rooms beyond the kitchen and bathroom.

The Tile StoreGlass tiles are a great way to reflect light in any room.  They offer a new and stylish opportunity to play with color, light and shine in any room.  From crisp clear tiles to subdued neutrals and bold bright colors, glass tiles offer a variety of textures and styles to create a unique and stylish décor.

Penny round or honeycomb tiles in soft pastel shades can give small spaces a softer and more relaxed feel than traditional stark white square tiles.  In contrast, larger oversized hexagon tiles can make a statement as a bathroom or kitchen floor. Durable cement tiles in these shapes are offered in a variety of colors and patterns to match any décor.

Whether you want to add color, texture or simply create a brand new look, new tile can add a fabulous finishing touch to your decorating scheme.  With so many options to choose from including materials, color, finish and design, new tile can certainly turn any dark and drab room into a dynamic new space.

If you want to brighten up your home and add some new and stylish accents, adding new tile is a great way to start. The Tile Spark has a huge inventory of all types of beautiful, high quality tiles and materials.  They have an experienced team of tile experts that can help you find the best tile to enhance any room in your home. Stop into their showroom or give them a call today at 646-336-9792.

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