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The materials used to install the tiles are as important as the tiles. We offer sealer for natural stone and cement applications, as well as grout and thin-set mortar for everything else.

All three of these materials are essential to the perfect application of your new tile. Sealing natural stone and cement will prevent it from staining and corroding over time, while using the proper grout or mortar is what will keep your tile secured for years in the future.

If you are seeking to have tiles that range from 12”x12” to 16”x16” installed, the grout line can vary between 1/16” to 1/8” depending on the application. As for larger tiles, usually 18”x18” and larger, grout lines must be at least 1/8”. The size of these lines generally determines what type of grout to use for your application.

Grout, consisting of water, cement, and sometimes sand, is just one of your options to hold your new tile together. We carry only the highest quality grout, both sanded and unsanded. When you come visit our showroom, we’ll consult with you concerning the correct type of grout for the tile you wish to install. However, some of it depends on how large you would like your grout lines to be. Generally, smaller tiles, such as 8×8” or smaller, tend to look best with 1/16” grout lines.

Our grouts also come in a variety of colors to best match the color of your tile. We can direct you to the proper grout for your tile, so your flooring or other tile space won’t be overwhelmed.

Unsanded Grout

Unsanded Grout

This kind of grout is fairly easy to use and is ideal for smaller grout lines, such as 1/16” or less. The more grout is used in an application, the more likely it is for it to eventually shrink. This means that it can easily shrink away from larger tiles, leaving them unsecured.

Sanded Grout

Sanded Grout

Unlike unsanded grout, this variant is best suited for grout lines 1/8” or more. Because this grout has fine sand incorporated in it, it won’t shrink as much as unsanded grout would. However, the texture can be detrimental to delicate stones such as marble and granite, because they can be easily scratched.

cement tiles


Ideal for our stone tiles, thin-set mortar is a mixture of sand and cement that holds up incredibly well over time. In fact, it has remained as one of the most popular building materials in the country for many years. It is generally used for outdoor applications but can be used inside your home as well. In addition, if your tile shifts, the strength of the mortar won’t cause it to break. Instead, you can just repair the mortar.

We carry two different types of mortar, which are Tec Full Flex™ Thinset and Tec Super Flex™ Thinset, both available in white and gray. However, our Full Flex™ mortar is a premium mortar that can be used over plywood as well, and generally has a stronger hold. Our Super Flex™ mortar is the highest quality in mortar, being an ultra-premium variant and can also be used over surfaces consisting of cement.

Our tile products come in a variety of colors to best match the color of your choice.

If you’re unsure what kind of grout would be best for your application, come into our showroom today. Our staff at The Tile Spark would be more than happy to speak with you about your project and give you our expert advice.

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