The Tile Spark’s Cement Tiles

Whether you are renovating your own home or you are a contractor or interior designer seeking to renovate someone else’s, The Tile Spark will have the materials you need.

Cement tile has existed for centuries in architecture, especially in European homes, and continues to be wildly popular today. Each tile we have is individually crafted to give you that personalized and unique feel for your home. Some of the designs we offer are patterned, custom-patterned, “relief” (3D patterned) and solid color cement tiles. These tiles can be used as a stand-alone material, or coordinated with any pattern as a border or accent in a NYC kitchen or bathroom. In addition, all of our cement tiles are eco-friendly.

Perhaps one of the greatest qualities of cement tiles is the variety of colors and patterns that are available. This makes cement a popular selection for NYC kitchen tiles. They can immediately add interest to the room with their vibrant yet timeless designs. This classic feel will last for years to come, no matter whether your tiles have a more elaborate design or simpler, geometric patterns. These designs are why cement tiles are a wonderful choice for NYC kitchen backsplashes; they’ll immediately spruce up the look of the room.

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Because there are so many designs available for cement tiles, they can be combined together to create truly unique looks.

You can also bring in complementary colors that may not already be used in the designated room, giving it a more dimensional feel. Cement tiles can either be the centerpiece of a room, especially when used in NYC kitchens, or perhaps a subtle accent. In addition, for a truly unified look, it’s possible to use cement tile on both the flooring and walls.

The beauty of cement tiles is captured for years and won’t diminish over time. The sturdiness of these tiles means that not only will they last for decades, but the patterns will never wear off. This makes them an ideal choice for both residential and commercial spaces. As far as installation goes, we recommend using smaller grout lines for this type of tile. This allows for a seamless look that does not detract from the design itself.

Whether you’re looking for kitchen tiles or perhaps something for another room in your home or business, The Tile Spark’s NYC collection of cement tiles may be exactly what you need. Visit our showroom today to see our collection for yourself. We’ll work with you to help you choose your ideal tiles for your NYC kitchen, bathroom and more.

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