Tile Spark’s Ceramic Tiles

Ready to treat yourself to a home renovation, or perhaps want to give your business a more professional look?

Ceramic tiles can bring all of these styles to a space, depending on how they are crafted. With a history of over 4,000 years, it’s no wonder why ceramic tiles have stood the true test of time. Their timeless elegance continues to hold up. Coming in many different finishes such as glazed, polished, textured, and more, ceramic tile can easily suit your NYC design.

Ceramic tile creates unlimited possibilities, because of its versatile colors, designs, and shapes. Plus, using ceramic tile actually benefits the NYC environment because it is mostly a natural product. It also does not burn or produce fumes when it comes into contact with fire.

Besides its unique appearance, ceramic tile also does not require much maintenance. It is extremely easy to clean and lasts many years. It’s not only rather non-porous, but also won’t trap in allergens, odors, or other unpleasant factors. In fact, flooring made of ceramic tile tends to last much longer in NYC than most other flooring materials. Many high quality glazed ceramic tiles are very resistant to scuffs and other imperfections over time as well. However, ceramic tile tends to be more delicate than porcelain. While tile can be used for both NYC home and commercial flooring applications, it is not recommended for larger businesses that may experience more foot traffic.

We offer a variety of Ceramic tile colors and styles for your NYC home.

Our NYC tile store is an authorized dealer of Dune products and their line of gorgeous ceramic tile as well as their glass, natural stone and porcelain products.

Their line ranges from jazzy tiles with a hint of color to more reserved, traditional styles. However, each NYC tile style has a beautiful blend of colors, whether it’s subtle or purposely vibrant. Whatever style you are seeking for your home or business, you can complete it with this distinct selection of tiles, including mosaics. They can be used as a striking accent piece or perhaps even the main focus of a room. With custom edges such as scallops and bevels, any kind of innovative look can be created. Celebrate your personal style with the finest NYC ceramic tile.

Although flooring is the most popular choice for ceramic tile, it can also be used for walls, backsplashes, countertops, showers, and more. It is best suited for strictly interior use. For anything intended for outdoor use in NYC, porcelain or stone tile may be a better choice. Also, if you plan on installing tile in a strange shape or area, ceramic is rather easy to cut and install, making it ideal for homeowners who aren’t professionals in the field.

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