Glass Tiles

Glass tile is a stunning and ethereal choice for a backsplash for a kitchen, as well as a stylish way to add a timeless accent.

Glass tile is also great for wall applications, both interior and exterior. With glass tile from our NYC tile store, it’ll reflect the light in the room and ultimately give it a brighter appearance. This is because of its translucent quality, which makes the room look like it has more space than it actually does. We also offer glass tiles with a more opaque appearance at our NYC tile store.

Glass tile also makes for exciting mosaics, whether it’s to add a subtle touch to a room’s design or even used as an entire backsplash for a kitchen. Plus, it’s popularly used in swimming pool areas and bathrooms, and as well as fireplaces. Additionally, unlike ceramic tiles, glass provides a glossier finish that gives off more of a modern feel. We offer all kinds of finishes at our NYC tile store, as well as tiles cut in many different shapes.


Glass tile is also built to last and requires very little maintenance, aside from a little scrubbing if needed.

This is because it’s naturally resistant to wear and tear, as well as stains. In fact, dirt shows on this tile rather easily, making it simple to know when to clean it. Because it has these qualities in addition to water resistance, it’s easy to use glass tile for exterior applications for a NYC home, business, or store.


Like many of the other tiles we offer, glass offers a variety of styles and colors to choose from. The look you’re going for could be more avant-garde or very traditional, and you’ll still find a glass tile at our NYC store that suits your needs.