Remodeling? New Tile Can Enhance any Room in Your Home

When you remodel your home or even just one room, you get to work with a blank canvas. It’s a great opportunity to start fresh and incorporate new ideas, colors and designs. You might start by looking through magazines, websites and visiting furniture and home stores for ideas. There are so many options to choose from when you think about design.

A popular choice in home design these days is the use of tile.  From flooring to walls to backsplash, tile can enhance the look of any room.  It is available in natural stone, porcelain, ceramic, glass and other unique materials. Tile has come a long way from bathroom floors and showers!  Tile is used in almost every room of the house these days and the uses for this versatile material continue to increase! Following are some attractive ways to utilize tile in your home.

In the Kitchen

tiles storeTile is a popular material that is often used as a kitchen backsplash. Warm earth tones can complement a rustic and cozy kitchen or glossy cool blues can accent a kitchen with a modern and sleek look.  These days tile is often used in designer counter tops as well. In addition, according to, “Tile floors are a great choice for kitchens. Tile can withstand heavy foot traffic, water, spills and doesn’t absorb odors or bacteria. It can stand up to pets and children and it can go with any style decor. And tile can be arranged in a multitude of patterns.”

In the Bathroom

While the use of tile in the bathroom is not new, there are many new designs and tile materials that can spruce up your powder room or master bath. Glass tiles can be used to reflect light and the classic subway tile is great way to accent your shower. Mixing and matching various colors, finishes, and materials can create depth and make a statement in any sized bathroom.

In the Living Room or Family Room

tile storeTile floors are becoming more and more popular in the family room. Tile can work very well in a living room.  Many homes use ceramic tiles for the flooring because it looks clean and neat. Today there are many tile materials and designs that actually resemble a wood floor; but they are much more durable and easier to clean.  A throw rug in an accent color can bring the whole room together and add some interest to the tile design.

Other areas of the home that can easily be adorned with new tile include entranceways, bedrooms and enclosed porches or patios. Tile can create a contemporary and sophisticated look in any room. The options are endless.

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