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Top Reasons Queens, NY Tile Stores are a Better Option for Your Tile Needs than Big Box Retailers

Whether you’re renovating a kitchen or bathroom or you’re building a new home, if you’re project involves tile and you’re looking for tile stores near me, head to The Tile Spark! Our 2,500 square foot showroom is conveniently located in Queens, NY and is fully stocked with the largest selection of tiles from the best manufacturers in the industry. Glass tile, porcelain tile, stone tile, ceramic tile and more; when you shop at The Tile Spark, you’ll find the perfect tile for your home.

If you’re planning a home improvement project, you might be thinking about getting your supplies from a big box store. Though these stores are designed to be one-stop home improvement shops and they certainly offer plenty of products, if your supply list includes tile, skip the big box retailer and shop at a tile store instead. Here’s a look at just a few of the benefits local tile stores offer chain retailers.

More Options

While it’s true that big box home improvement stores can offer a pretty decent selection of tiles, they just can’t compare to the inventory that local tile stores provide. Large retailers carry more than just tile; they also offer a wide variety of other materials, tools, and accessories, which can certainly be beneficial, but carrying such a varied stock means that they can only carry a limited amount of products, so if you have a specific type of tile in mind, there’s a good chance you won’t be able to find it at a big box store.

Tile stores, however, specialize in just one type of product: tile! As such, they have more room to carry a larger and wider selection of products. Like large retailers, a tile store will carry the basics, such as porcelain, glass, and ceramic; however, they’ll also offer more unique materials, such as natural stone (dolomite, marble, moonstone, and more) and even cement tiles. In addition to a larger selection of materials, you’ll also find an assortment of colors, shapes, and patterns to choose from. More options means that you’ll have an easier time finding the specific type of tile you are envisioning for your project.

Better Quality

Whether you’re installing a new kitchen floor or you’re renovating your shower, you want to be sure that the tile you’re installing is highly durable and built to last. Tile stores usually carry higher-end products than big-box retailers; products that are made by the most reputable manufacturers in the industry and natural materials that are sourced from the best quarries in the world. Better quality products translate to better quality, longer-lasting results for your home improvement projects.

Knowledgeable Insight from Highly Trained Professionals

When you shop at a highly regarded tile store in Queens, NY, you’ll be greeted by friendly associates who will be more than willing to help you pick the right material for your needs. They’ll listen to your specific requirements, answer all of your questions, and recommend materials, designs, and styles that will work the best for your project. When shopping at a big box retailer, however, it’s likely that you won’t be able to get the same type of service, as the associates at these facilities usually only know the basics or they’re too busy assisting long lines of customers. 

Decorating Assistance

The employees at big-box retailers are only trained to answer basic questions, and while they may be able to provide general information, if you need decorating advice, there’s a pretty good chance that you won’t be able to get the assistance you need. For instance, if you need insight about which material is best for your shower or your kitchen countertop, or if you have a specific look in mind but you aren’t sure which type of tile will bring the idea you’re envisioning to life, an employee at a big-box retailer may not be able to point you in the right direction. The associates of tile stores, however, are extensively trained and have ample experience that they can draw from to answer all of your decorating inquiries.

A More Enjoyable Shopping Experience

If you’ve ever been shopping at a big box retailer, there’s no doubt you’ve encountered big crowds and waited on long lines; a less-than enjoyable experience, to say the least. If you want to have a more laidback and relaxed shopping experience, head to a local tile store. The environment is much quieter, you won’t feel rushed, and you’ll receive guidance and support from knowledgeable and friendly associates so you can select the perfect tile for your home improvement project.

More Affordable Pricing

Low prices are one of the big draws of big-box retailers; or rather, supposed low prices. These stores advertise discounted rates, but often, the prices they advertise don’t match the price tags on their products. Or, in order to take advantage of those seemingly super low rates, you have to shop at specific times (which are often inconvenient), or the prices are only offered for a limited time or on limited products. Tile stores, however, tend to offer fairer and more affordable rates than home improvement centers; reputable shops often tend to offer discounted rates on bulk orders, too. Plus, the products are much higher quality and will last a lot longer so you won’t have to worry about the additional expense of replacing your tile after just a few years.

The Tile Spark: Queens County’s Leading Tile Store

If you live in the Queens, NY area and you’re looking for tile shops near me, head to The Tile Spark, a highly regarded Queens County tile distributor. Offering an endless array of the highest quality options from the best manufacturers in the industry, you’ll be sure to find the perfect tile for your home improvement project at our 2,500 square foot showroom. To learn more about the products we offer, give us a call at 646-336-9792 or stop by our retail center and one of our knowledgeable associates will be more than happy to assist you. For the best tile shopping experience in Queens, NY, look no further than The Tile Spark!